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About Us


Delicious Empire was born out of a shared vision to create really cool things! As a multi-disciplinary design studio we’ve created numerous videos, apps, games, books, and more. We’ve racked up over three decades of combined experience with millions of views along the way. See how we can help you with your next project →

Karen Hansen

Motion Design & Illustration

With a clean, fluid style and a keen eye for detail, Karen has a passion for bringing graphics to life. She's developed a broad range of creative and technical skills working with many different companies, clients, and brands throughout her career. She loves telling visual stories.

Christopher Lielasus Morrow

Christopher Lielasus

Interaction & Visual Design

Chris is an artist and designer with twenty years of experience in interaction and visual design. From video games to mobile apps, he has designed interactive experiences for millions of customers across numerous platforms.


Deborah Lielasus

Content Development and Project Management

Deborah has been managing projects and developing content for more than 25 years. She quickly adapts to shifting priorities and moving parts while holding the line on timelines and budget. Her content development and editorial experience spans from headlines to novels with instructional videos, marketing and fundraising materials, and social media posts in between.

Other Ventures.

In addition to creating motion graphics and illustrations on the computer, we also moonlight as a tiny, independent publishing company.

Our first book is called The Little Guy and the Creature. All the illustrations were made by hand using watercolors and micron pens.
You can find it here and locally around Portland at Tender Loving Empire (if there are still copies left - they've almost sold out).

Or you can check out more of Karen's work here.