Why Good Art and Design Matters

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I once had a potential client ask “why should I work with you over a cheaper company?”

Good question!

High quality art and design will give your video that extra edge. Most people probably couldn’t point out the actual differences between a lower-end motion graphics piece and a higher-end one. But most people can feel the difference. The higher-quality video feels better: more engaging, appealing, and visually richer. That extra time and attention spent on your illustrations and graphics translates to how your customers respond to your brand and your content.

Ideally you want people to walk away feeling dazzled, inspired, and interested in taking the next step. There’s a lot of content competing for eyeballs these days, so the good stuff will really help your brand stand out from the crowd.

At DE, we’re still a tiny studio with low overhead, so you can get the quality of a higher-end agency video without the hefty price tag. You’ll also be working directly with the people creating your content, which streamlines communication as well. It’s a win-win!