Delicious Empire Games

Welcome to Delicious Empire Games, an itty-bitty game studio coming to you from soggy yet beautiful Portland, Oregon. Our first game, The Fantastic Mister Box, is now in beta testing on Google Play. Give it a try!

The Fantastic Mister Box

A bouncy puzzle game featuring the incredible exploits of The Fantastic Mister Box as he makes his way up in the world, one box at a time. Or three, or sometimes another amount.


Have you ever wanted to be a snowball destroying anything and everything in your path? Well, your day has finally come. Be the ball. Crush the things. In color!

Mars X


It's Mars, or at least we think so. And it's infeseted with Martians... Or maybe ghosts. We're not really sure. Anyway, kill 'em all! It's a blast.

Lazer Kedi

Lazer Kedi

Kedi wants to play but his human is boring. Help Kedi invogorate his human with your laser pointer. The more stuff you and Kedi can break the more exciting your human will become.

The Fantastic Mister Box is now in beta testing on the Google Play store.

The Fantastic Mister Box

Snowball, Boxy, MarsX, and Lazer Kedi by Christopher Lielasus - All Rights Reserved 2020