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About Us.

Karen Hansen

Creative Director

Karen is a motion designer and illustrator with a clean, fluid style, a keen eye for detail, and a passion for bringing graphics to life. She's developed a broad range of creative and technical skills working with many different companies, clients, and brands throughout her career. She loves telling visual stories.

Delicious Empire was born in San Francisco out of a shared vision to create really cool things! We have since moved our offices up to *sunny* Portland, Oregon and are enjoying this chapter in our story. Want to be a part of it? →

Other Ventures.

In addition to creating motion graphics and illustrations on the computer, we also moonlight as a tiny, independent publishing company.

Our first book is called The Little Guy and the Creature. All the illustrations were made by hand using watercolors and micron pens.
You can find it here and locally around Portland at Tender Loving Empire (if there are still copies left - they've almost sold out).

Or you can check out more of Karen's work here.